Black Truffle Melanosporum

Fresh Black Truffle Melanosporum

Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini
Product collected and shipped from Italy.
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Italian Black Truffle Melanosporum of guaranteed origin

The Black Truffle Melanosporum is harvested in Italy, in different regions such as Piedmont, Molise, Tuscany, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Marche - anywhere there are the necessary conditions of development - and it's always the precious Tuber Magnatum Pico.

The truffle hunters with whom we collaborate look for and collect the best truffle according to the availability of the time and respecting the regional ripening and harvesting times. All the precious Black Truffle Melanosporums that we put at your disposal are genetically identical, of the highest quality available and treated by expert hands.

The precious Black Truffle Melanosporum is very rare and grows in few areas around the world; it is widespread right here, in Italy, where it can be considered a national good and must be celebrated as such.

However, if you are looking for truffle coming from a specific region, do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping and delivery

The shipment of fresh truffles takes place within 24-48 hours after receiving the order. This is to ensure that freshly harvested fresh product is always shipped. Delivery times, however, vary depending on the destination but usually takes place within 24-72h from shipment.
To guarantee the maximum freshness of the product, the truffles will be shipped only from Monday to Wednesday, in agreement with the truffle hunter.
The truffle is sent directly from the truffle hunters to us, it is collected in the respect of the national regulations and the dispositions of the single regions, protecting the delicate nature of the truffle.


The shipment is entrusted to professional couriers (UPS or DHL) able to provide a fast shipping service, to ensure the integrity of easily perishable food products.


The truffle seller who is in charge of shipping the goods, will take care of making a suitable packaging: the truffle is wrapped in absorbent kitchen paper, and put in special polystyrene containers containing also synthetic ice. This is to guarantee the freshness of the product even after 72 hours of travel.

How much truffle to buy?

The recommended dose of truffle is about 10-12 g per person (for each dish).
Although it is a matter of taste, in general, 12 g of Black Truffle are considered a generous portion and sufficient even for the most demanding enthusiasts.

Use and storage

The fresh truffle must be cleaned at the time of preparation, with the help of a soft bristle brush and a damp cloth to remove any incrustations. If possible, avoid contact with water, which could inhibit some of its precious aromas.
The fine Black Truffle Melanosporum does not withstand high temperatures, to make the best use of it you have to cut it into thin slices with a special truffle slicer (or alternatively a potato peeler) directly raw on the plate still hot.
Any kind of preservation will make the truffle lose some of its aromas, but if there is some leftover truffle, the best preservation technique involves closing the tuber inside a sterile jar covered with a few layers of kitchen paper towels, which will be placed in the refrigerator. The jar should be checked daily and the blotting paper should be replaced in case it is damp. The Black Truffle Melanosporum kept in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3-4 days depending on its initial state of maturation.

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