The family

It all started with love: the love for truffles. We are a team of enthusiasts who all share a passion for these precious mushrooms. We believe in the incredible quality and fascinating taste and want to share this pleasure with the world!

Taste the Gusto!

I, Antonio Leo, founder and CEO of, being a lover of good food and traditional flavours, dedicate myself to bring the truffle market from Alba in Italy to the world with our global marketplace for fresh truffles, directly from the truffle hunter, and exquisite truffle products.

This new and exciting way of trading in the truffle world makes it possible to buy and sell truffles online worldwide. The heart and soul of is our community: the truffle hunters who use to sell their high quality truffles, and the customers who are looking for the freshest specimens, straight from the source. We offer truffle hunters a convenient place to sell all their special goods. At the same time, we enable buyers to discover and purchase unique truffles that are traded with care. is not only an online marketplace around fresh truffles and truffle products, but also a platform where you can read and learn all about the fascinating world of truffles, the different truffle species, their cultivation and special recipes.

Welcome to our truffle paradise!


Our team 

Antonio Leo: Founder CEO

Antonio Leo is the founder of TARTUFO.COM Gmbh. He is the person behind the project who turned his idea into reality. That is why he surrounds himself with a versatile team that helps him to take his vision of TARTUFO.COM to the next level.

Antonio has several years of experience in the telecommunications industry, where he also led the company as CEO. Antonio is always very focused on his projects and ignites the will to achieve in everyone who works with him. He has a great work ethic and is always fully committed.

Antonio loves to cook and is an avid biker. He loves to travel and has always been fascinated by architecture.


Pierpaolo Leo: Business Relationship Management

Pierpaolo Leo, son of Antonio Leo, is responsible for Business Relationship Management at Pierpaolo is studying International Business Management and shares his father's entrepreneurial spirit, as well as his passion for world-class truffle cuisine.

He is firmly convinced that we can truly transform the truffle market with our project.


Giancarlo Leo: Web Design

Giancarlo Leo, son of Antonio Leo, works at mainly on the website. Cooking is his passion and computer science are his studies - the perfect recipe for success and ideal premises for working at, where both culinary arts and computer science are combined!


Vincenzo Salonna: Project Manager & Co-Founder

Vincenzo Salonna is Co-Founder and Project Manager of Vincenzo is responsible for the strategic development of As project manager, he is in charge of the operational planning and management of the platform. Vincenzo has extensive knowledge in web design and offers over 20 years of experience in this field. He is also actively involved in the company's marketing and operations departments.

Vincenzo loves to travel and spend quality time with his friends and family. His great passion is sports, he likes to do jogging and twice a week he trains 5-a-side football.


Joëlle Esteves: Marketing Manager

Joëlle Esteves is the marketing manager at She is responsible for the marketing strategy and content of With her extensive experience in marketing and communication, she helps our company to find the right strategy and implement it successfully.

In order to balance her life, she enjoys doing yoga, designing jewellery and spending time with her family. She loves beautiful design and is always excited to discover new culinary highlights when travelling.


Lorenzo Boldrini: expert on the truffle market

Lorenzo Boldrini is in responsible for all matters concerning the truffle market and the truffle products on our marketplace. He is an expert in the food industry with more than a decade of experience. For the last two and a half years he has been sales manager and owner of a truffle shop in Sant'Agata Tartufi. His extensive knowledge of truffles and their market is a great advantage for the company. In addition, Lorenzo has long-standing relationships with truffle hunters and manufacturers of truffle products, which have helped gain a foothold in the truffle market and attract some suppliers and staff in the early stages.

Lorenzo is married and loves life and his work. He is not afraid of anything and is sure to try to find one or more solutions in any situation. He always works proactively and nothing and no one will ever take away his smile. He enjoys sports and loves his dogs.



Mauro Colanero: Biologist and botanical study of truffles expert

As a biologist, Mauro Colanero offers advice on fresh truffles. His knowledge of the tuber's biological cycle, seasonality, variety and abundance, linked to more or less favourable conditions, enable him to monitor the delicate relationship between price, quality and availability.
This has led to his collaboration with as a truffle expert.

He spends his free time with his inseparable four-legged friends.


Wolfgang Deiml: Head of Backend Support

Wolfgang Deiml is a long-time business partner of Antonio Leo. At, Wolfgang leads a diverse team responsible for software design, implementation and management of the website and server infrastructure.


 Jana Salamonová: full-stack developer 

Jana is a full-stack developer. She has spent more than 10 years with PHP&JS on projects for call management, various statistics and smaller e-commerce projects.

She lives a minimalistic life with her family and enjoys being outside on foot or by bike.


Juraj Bobák: PHP & JS full-stack developer 

Juraj is a PHP & JS full-stack developer and a very good friend of PC hardware. He has been working with Antonio for over a decade.

Privately, he enjoys family life, but when he manages to find time, he loves to swim and rollerblade. He never says no to a good coffee or a cold beer.


Lenka Kleinová: Software Developer

Lenka works as a software developer. At, she mainly takes care of the frontend, retrieving and displaying data, creating forms, etc. She enjoys the project. For her, the project is a nice experience, thanks to which she has learned several new skills in programming with yii.

In her leisure time, Lenka likes to practice figure skating and sing opera. To relax, she likes to read books and spend time in nature.