Buying truffles online: This is how the truffle marketplace works.

Whether white Alba truffles, the exclusive Perigord truffle or other varieties - on the Truffle Marketplace you can comfortably order your favourite truffle online and have it delivered directly to your home. It doesn't matter whether you are a truffle enthusiast or a novice - on the Truffle Marketplace, everyone will find their right variety.

But how does the truffle marketplace actually work?

How does our online marketplace work? An online marketplace is a platform where truffle hunters can offer their fresh products. Once they have found truffles, they can place them independently on our platform and offer them for sale. Our truffle seekers upload their latest finds to our marketplace daily. Our customers can browse through the various offers of the truffle hunters on our marketplace and purchase directly from the source, without any intermediaries. This way we guarantee the fastest possible journey and the freshest truffles. Fresh truffles are best this way, of course, but they must be sold within a few days of picking or they lose in quality. You choose the truffle you want on the site and add it to your shopping cart. Once you have added all the products you want, you go to the checkout and pay by credit card or Paypal.

Your order will then be forwarded directly to the selected truffle hunter. The truffle hunter will then send the desired truffles immediately, packed carefully and with high quality materials, to your specified delivery address. For Italy, Podere Ostone srl is our logistical partner for orders via our platform. International shipping is handled by DHL or Bartolini.

We focus on quality and freshness and therefore work exclusively with reputable and experienced truffle hunters. We can therefore guarantee that all our truffles come directly from the truffle hunter and arrive in perfect condition within a few days. For this purpose, we have connected with various truffle hunters throughout Italy and offer the unique opportunity to buy directly from the source!

In addition to fresh truffles, you will also find pasta, risottos, oils and other fine specialities from the world of truffles, as well as special tools for their preparation.