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Customers who proceed with the purchase of products offered on the Website (hereinafter also "Website" or "Site") declare that they know and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, together with the Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of them.

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1. Introduction

This document constitutes a legal agreement between you, as the Customer, and the company that administers and regulates the use of the Website.
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all orders placed through the Website. Any other clauses or conditions are not applicable.

2. Definitions

"Terms and Conditions of Sale", "Terms and Conditions", "General Conditions" and "Terms" indicate the terms, rules and guidelines governing the sale of products on the Website, which are subject to change. These must be carefully reviewed before accepting and subsequently purchasing products on Please note that changes to these conditions are only valid from the date of their publication and do not apply to contracts already concluded;
"Contract", "agreement" and similar terms mean the contract concluded at a distance on the Website for the sale of products as governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale;
"", "Owner", "Holder", "Seller", "We", "Our" and similar terms refer to the Owner, Holder and operator of acts as a "professional" as defined in Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act, under letter c): "the natural person or legal entity acting in the exercise of its entrepreneurial, commercial, handicraft or professional activity, or its intermediary";
"Customer", "Client", "User", "Purchaser", "You", "Yours", and similar terms, whether in the singular or plural, refer to the individual, natural or legal person, regardless of Consumer status, who makes a purchase, accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale;
"Consumer", "he/she", means, pursuant to Article 3(1)(a) of the Consumer Code "the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity possibly carried out;
"Consumer Code": the Italian Consumer Code Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 September 2005, as most recently amended by Legislative Decree 170/202, which constitutes the body of legislation concerning consumer regulations;
"Civil Code" means the Italian Civil Code, Royal Decree No. 262 of 16 March 1942, updated with the latest amendments made by the Legislative Decree No. 36 of 30 April 2022, which governs Italian civil law;
"Right of Withdrawal", "Withdrawal", means the possibility, in the case of distance contracts and in the case of off-premises contracts, to renounce to the purchase and therefore to withdraw from the Contract from the contract as provided for in Article 52 of the Consumer Code;
"Marketplace", "", means the "shop" section of the Website where Users may proceed to purchase products;
"Website", "Site", "", refer to the E-Commerce Site of, a set of web pages hosted on a web server, accessible by the user through a common search engine and/or web address using a web browser;
"Service" and similar terms mean the service offered by as described in these Terms and Conditions;
"Account" means the set of identification data of the user that allows access to the Website;
"Dashboard", "Dashboard", means the interface made available by through which the user may view his/her orders, reviews, as well as view and modify the data entered and change the password.

3. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

In order to use, you must carefully read and accept these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy that forms an integral part of them, by clicking on the corresponding acceptance button.
If you do not agree with the current Terms, you will not be able to use the service and proceed to purchase products on the Website.

4. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

The Owner reserves the right to make changes, amendments and/or additions to these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting a corresponding notice on the Website itself.
For this reason, Customers must carefully read the most up-to-date version of the General Terms and Conditions before using and purchasing products from this site. The applicable Terms and Conditions are those in force at the time of purchase through the Customer.
Customers who continue to use after the publication of the changes fully, unreservedly and unconditionally accept the new version of these Terms.

5. Registration with

5.1 Account Creation and Management

In order to place an order with, the Customer must have an active Account. An Account can be created online at any time under 'User Login', 'Register as Customer'. When creating an Account, the Customer is required to enter his first name, surname, email address, company name if applicable, and a password; in addition, he must choose a nickname. Registration is prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. Subsequently, the Customer confirms having read and accepted the Privacy Policy by ticking the appropriate box. Once the registration request has been forwarded, the user shall confirm it by clicking on the link provided by e-mail previously sent by to the e-mail address given during the registration process.
The Customer is responsible for safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of access credentials like username, password and any other information related to the Customer Account. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information about his/her identity, address and other data required for access, and to update any changes to this information. During the registration phase, the Customer is prohibited from using false or invented data.
It is understood that under no circumstances the Owner may be held liable in the event of loss, dissemination, theft, or unauthorised use by third parties, for whatever reason, of users' access credentials. The Customer undertakes to act for his own particular needs, excluding any professional activity. does not allow Customers the resale of its products for commercial purposes.
Once the Customer Account has been created, the user will have his/her own reserved dashboard.

5.1.a Dashboard

By logging in to your Account, you will be able to view your reserved dashboard.
Within the dashboard, the user will be able to edit his profile, change his delivery address and/or enter a new one, change his password, as well as view reviews and orders placed.
In the 'Order' section, the user will be able to view the order number, date, address, delivery status, payment status and total of the current order.
In the 'Edit Profile' section, the user can edit his/her personal data or company data, enter the home address or registered office address, VAT number (for companies) and telephone number.

5.2 Account Cancellation

Any registered Customer may deactivate his or her Account, request its deletion or stop using the service at any time, through the appropriate interface available on the Website or by contacting the Owner directly.
In the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions, the Owner reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User's Account at any time and without prior notice.
In particular, the user agrees that the Owner may, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, suspend or close the Customer’s Account at any time for cause, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • the user has breached these Terms and Conditions; and/or
  • the user's access to or use of the service may cause harm to the Owner, other users or third parties; and/or
  • the user's use of may result in a violation of applicable laws or regulations applicable laws or regulations; and/or
  • in the event of investigation as a result of legal action or involvement of public authorities; and/or
  • in the event that the Customer Account is deemed by the Owner, in its sole discretion and for any reason whatsoever inappropriate or offensive or in breach of the Agreement or not in line with the Owner's standards.

6. Purchasing Products

Through the Website, Customers will be able to purchase fresh truffles and processed and semi-processed products derived from truffles.
Once the desired merchandise with the relevant quantity has been selected and placed in the shopping cart, the Customer may proceed with the purchase.
The shopping cart summary will show the list of selected products with their prices, the provisional shipping costs for delivery of each product - calculated based on the delivery address given - as well as the total, provisional sum to be paid. On the checkout page, billing information must first be entered, and an invoice may be requested. Next, the Customer must enter the shipping address with any notes for the courier company and the preferred shipping method. In the shipping method section, you will be shown several options to choose from; for each option, the shipping company, the date and time of delivery, and the expected cost for each option will be displayed. The shipping costs will be recalculated according to the chosen option before the total, final amount to be paid is determined.
At this point, the Customer shall select the payment method and proceed to send the order.
The Holder points out that if payment by credit card via the Payrexx circuit is chosen, fees of 1.9 % of the total amount to be paid will additionally be charged.
Once the shipping address has been entered and one of the available payment methods has been chosen, the User must accept these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the appropriate checkbox. /By sending the order, the Customer declares that he/she has fully accepted these Terms and Conditions.
Each order will only be taken into consideration once payment has been received and will be confirmed by by e-mail. Therefore, once the Customer has sent the order, it must be previously validated by in order to conclude the purchase. is committed to accepting orders placed via the Internet in accordance with these General Conditions of Sale and based on availability.
In the event of a shortage of stock, will inform the Customer of the supply delay necessary to obtain the desired product or will propose a substitute product.
Only after the Customer has accepted the delay in supply or has agreed to the substitution of the product, the order will be sent, and the purchase procedure will be completed.
In the event of any stock shortages leading to a delay in delivery that occur before the order has been validated, the Holder shall not be held liable and shall not be required to pay compensation.
The Owner is entitled to cancel all non-conforming or doubtful orders, as well as orders from a Customer with whom there is any dispute. The Owner also reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons.
The Customer understands and accepts that does not permit the resale of its products for commercial purposes and shall have the right to refuse orders of this type.
It is specified that, regarding the purchase of fresh products, the provisions of the following article shall also apply (Article 6.1).

6.1 Purchasing Fresh Product

Fresh truffles that are for sale on are subdivided by type and variety. For each type and variety of truffle, the available offers, the characteristics of that specific variety, methods of use and storage, as well as other information regarding purchasing and shipping are shown.
For each offer, the username of the truffle hunter is shown, with its review score, the origin of the truffle, the available size of the truffle, the quality (first choice or second choice), and the costs per gram.
The Customer will select the desired offer and will be directed to a summary page where, once the quantity has been chosen, both the total price to be paid and the minimum, provisional amount of shipping costs due, calculated according to the shipping address provided, will be shown.
For anything not regulated in this Article, please refer to the other regulations of this Terms and Conditions.

6.1.a. Validity of Offers for Fresh Products

Fresh goods and products are offered within the time frame of each sale and while stocks last; this is to ensure that always a freshly harvested product is shipped. To guarantee maximum freshness of the product, truffles will only be shipped from Monday to Wednesday, in agreement with the truffle hunter.
The truffles are shipped directly by truffle hunters affiliated with and are harvested in accordance with the national laws and the regulations of the individual regions, protecting the delicate nature of the tuber.
The delivery time to the Customer, however, varies depending on the destination. Usually, delivery takes place within 24-72 hours from dispatch, although the timing may vary depending on the shipping address entered.
Shipment is entrusted to professional couriers who are able to provide a fast shipping service and guarantee the integrity of easily perishable food products.
The truffle hunter will receive all the necessary packaging from in order to guarantee the freshness of the product.

6.1.b Shipping and delivery of fresh products

Fresh goods and products are offered within the time frame of each sale and while stocks last; this is to ensure that always a freshly harvested product is shipped. To guarantee maximum freshness of the product, truffles will only be shipped from Monday
to Wednesday, in agreement with the truffle hunter.
The truffles are shipped directly by truffle hunters affiliated with and are harvested in accordance with the national laws and the regulations of the individual regions, protecting the delicate nature of the tuber. The delivery time to the Customer, however, varies depending on the destination. Usually, delivery takes place within 24-72 hours from dispatch, although the timing may vary depending on the shipping address entered. Shipment is entrusted to professional couriers who are able to provide a fast shipping
service and guarantee the integrity of easily perishable food products.
The truffle hunter will receive all the necessary packaging from in order to
guarantee the freshness of the product.

6.2 Payment

Payment for purchased products is due in full when the order is placed.
Subject to availability, depending on the country of purchase, payment may be made by the following methods:

  • by debit/credit card (100% secure payment);
  • via PayPal.

6.3 Prices, Descriptions and Availability of Products

Prices, descriptions and availability of the displayed products are subject to change without notice.
Products are shown in categories. Apart from explicitly specified special cases, the prices shown are in euros and include all taxes (including VAT).
The order in which the goods are shown may not be random but conditioned by the existence of commercial agreements according to which some products are shown earlier than others.
In addition, the user may apply filters for products to be shown in a certain order based on the price charged.
The photos provided are indicative and may not constitute an exact representation of the products. The Holder shall do its best to present the characteristics of the products in as much detail as possible on within each file corresponding to the product being viewed by the Customer. However, the images and colours of the products offered for sale on may differ from the real ones due to multiple factors including, by way of example, the monitor of the Customer's device, photographic filters, etc. Therefore, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that such small differences do not constitute a lack of conformity of the goods.

7. Right of Withdrawal

In application of the provisions of article 52 of the Consumer Code, the Consumer has a notice period of 14 (fourteen) clear days from the delivery of his order to exercise the right of withdrawal without providing any reason. The right of withdrawal is applicable only to Clients acting as Consumers as defined in the Consumer Code and in the definitions section of these Terms and Conditions.
Under applicable law, once the product has been opened (e.g., removal of the lid from the jar), it will no longer be possible to exercise the right of withdrawal.
The withdrawal period shall expire after 14 days from the day on which you acquire, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you acquires, physical possession of the goods or from the day on which you acquire, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you acquires, physical possession of the last good.
To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of an unequivocal statement (e.g., a letter sent by post or e- mail). The communication must be addressed to, at the following addresses:

  • in the case of communication by postal service:
  • GmbH, Leonhardsgraben 11, 4051 Basel, Switzerland in the case of communication by e-mail: [email protected]

You may use the model withdrawal form available in Article 13.9 of these Terms and Conditions, but it is not mandatory.
You may also electronically complete and submit the model withdrawal form available on our Websites at the following link: .If you use this option, a confirmation of receipt of your notice of withdrawal by a durable medium (e.g., by e- mail) will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you immediately.
In order to comply with the withdrawal deadline, it shall be enough for you to send the communication concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the end of the withdrawal period. If you withdraw from the current contract, we shall refund all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (except for additional costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without any undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from the current contract. We will make any such refund will be made using the same method of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any charges as a result of such a refund.
You shall return the goods or deliver them to us at the postal address indicated above, without any undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you notify us of your withdrawal from the current contract. The deadline is met if the goods are returned before the expiry of the 14-day period.
The Consumer understands and accepts that the costs for the return of the product shall be at his or her own expense.
The Consumer is obliged to pack the product in such a way that it cannot be damaged during transport.
The Consumer shall be held liable for any diminution of value of the goods resulting from handling other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.
The Consumer confirms and accepts that the Holder may withhold the refund until he has received the goods or until the Consumer has provided proof that he has returned the goods, whichever is sooner.

7.1 Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of Article 59 d) of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts concluded for the purchase of fresh truffles. In fact, the aforementioned article states that the right of withdrawal is excluded for contracts relating to the "supply of goods that are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly".
In addition, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the sealed product purchased is opened.
In fact, pursuant to Art. 59 (e), the right of withdrawal is excluded for contracts relating to the "supply of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection reasons and have been opened after delivery".

8. Guarantees

8.1 Legal Guarantee for the Consumer

The Customer purchasing as a Consumer has the right to a guarantee on the conformity of the products and services acquired within a period of 24 months after purchase. Otherwise, if the Customer does not act as a Consumer, only the provisions of Article 8.2 shall apply.
For the purposes of the 'conformity' of the goods, they must fulfil the objective and subjective requirements listed in Article 129 of the Consumer Code. In order to be granted the right of guarantee, the Consumer must contact the Holder by means of the contact information contained in this document, giving a description of the defect found. Should the defect in the goods become apparent within one year from the time of purchase, it shall be assumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery of the goods. Consequently, the Consumer does not have the burden of proving the conformity defect in this case. Therefore, it shall be up to the Holder to provide any proof to the contrary.
The action aimed at asserting defects not deliberately concealed by is prescribed, in any case, within the term of 26 (twenty-six) months from delivery of the goods. The Consumer who is summoned for the execution of the contract can always assert the remedies indicated in these Terms and Conditions.
The Consumer shall not be entitled to terminate the contract if the lack of conformity is only minor. The Consumer confirms and accepts that there is no lack of conformity if, at the time of conclusion of the contract, he was specifically informed by the Holder that a particular characteristic of the goods was not in line with the objective conformity requirements and the Consumer expressly and separately accepted this non-conformity at the time of conclusion of the contract. The Consumer may refuse to make payment of any part of the price until the seller has fulfilled its obligations under the present section.

8.1.a Remedies

In the event of a lack of conformity of the product, the Consumer has the right to obtain, at his or her choice:

  • The replacement of the product;
  • Proportional price reduction;
  • Termination of the contract.

The Consumer is also entitled to a proportional reduction in the price or cancellation of the contract if

  • he Holder has refused to replace the goods;
  • the lack of conformity is so serious as to justify immediate reduction of the price or termination of the contract;
  • the Holder has declared, or it is clear from the circumstances, that he will not restore the conformity of the goods within a reasonable period or without significant inconvenience to the Consumer., upon receipt, reserves the right to accept the request of the Consumer, verifying the validity of the reasons indicated by the latter.
If the replacement of the product(s) is requested, the Consumer shall be obliged to send the purchased product(s) to the address indicated in these Terms and Conditions.
Shipping costs are at the expense of If the verification of the legitimacy of the claim is successful, the Holder shall send the replacement product(s), but only after he has received the non-conforming product from the Consumer and/or the Consumer has provided proof of having returned or shipped the good(s).
In the event of a price reduction, the reduction shall be proportional to the decrease in value of the goods received by the Consumer compared to the value they would have had if they had been in conformity. The Holder shall proceed to refund the amounts due by means of the payment method used at the time of purchase.
The Consumer exercises his right to terminate the contract by means of a declaration directed to the seller containing the manifestation of his will to terminate the contract. If the lack of conformity applies only to some of the goods delivered under the contract and there is a cause for termination of the contract, the Consumer may terminate the contract only in respect of the non-conforming goods and of the goods purchased together with the non-conforming goods, if there is no reasonably foreseeable interest on behalf of the Consumer in keeping the non-defective goods at his disposal. If the Consumer terminates the contract in whole or regarding some of the goods delivered under the contract a) the Consumer shall return the goods to at the latter's expense, and b) shall reimburse the Consumer for the price paid for the goods or upon receipt of the goods or of evidence provided by the Consumer that the goods have been returned or dispatched.
The Consumer shall send the purchased products to the address indicated in these Terms and Conditions. The shipping costs are deemed to be borne by In the event that the goods are not returned and/or the Consumer does not provide proof of having returned or shipped the goods, shall immediately contact the Consumer in order to resolve any problems. In the event of no response, shall not make any reimbursement.

8.2 Legal Quarantee towards Customers

Regarding the Customer, irrespective of his status as a Consumer, the seller is always obliged to ensure that the goods sold are free from defects that render them unfit for their intended use or diminish their value substantially.
In addition, in accordance with Article 1497 of the Civil Code, if the product sold does not have the promised qualities or those that are essential for its intended use, the Customer has the right to have the contract terminated in accordance with the general provisions on the termination for non-performance, provided that the quality defect exceeds the tolerance limits established by custom.
In both cases, the Customer shall lose the right of guarantee if he does not report the defects to the Holder within 8 (eight) days of their discovery. Notification may be made by registered letter with return receipt or by e-mail to be sent to the addresses of the Holder indicated in the introductory part of this present Agreement. The action shall in any case be time-barred within one year from delivery.
In accordance with Art. 1491, no warranty is due if at the time of the conclusion of the contract the Customer knew of the defects in the goods, or if the defects were easily recognisable, unless, in this case, the Holder has clearly stated that the goods were free from defects.

8.2.a Responsibilities

In the event of the occurrence of such defects, the Customer may, at its option, demand termination of the Contract or reduction of the price, unless, for certain defects, custom excludes termination.
If the delivered item has perished as a consequence of flaws, the Customer is entitled to the termination of the contract; if, on the other hand, the delivered item has perished by accident or through the Customer's own fault, or if the Customer has sold or transformed it, the Customer may not claim a reduction of the price.
In the event of termination of the contract, the Holder shall reimburse the Customer for the price, expenses, and payments legitimately made for the sale. On the other hand, the Customer shall be obliged to return the item if it has not perished as a result of the flaws.
In any event, the Holder shall be liable to the Customer for the compensation of the damage unless he proves that he was without negligence unaware of the defects. the defects of the item. The Holder shall also compensate the Customer for the damage resulting from the defects in the item.

9. Responsibilities

The Holder is responsible for ensuring the proper performance of the service offered as well as the quality and conformity of the products sold.
Once the contract has been concluded, pursuant to Articles 1476 and 1477 of the Civil Code, the Holder, as seller, obliges himself to:

  • Deliver the product to the Customer;
  • Making the Customer obtain Ownership of the product;
  • guaranteeing the Customer against the deterioration and damage of the product;
  • Ensuring that the product is delivered in the state it was in at the time of sale. implements a careful selection procedure both of the manufacturing companies supplying the processed and semi-processed products offered for sale on the site, and of the truffle seekers offering their fresh products. In addition, the Owner specifies that the products are harvested and processed according to the required health and hygiene standards and in compliance with applicable regulations. In addition, the storage of products awaiting delivery takes place in suitable environments to ensure the maintenance of product quality and conformity.
The aim is always to ensure that the Customer's needs and requirements are met.
The Customer understands and accepts that the texts and photos presented are purely indicative and do not constitute a contractual commitment to guarantee a perfect similarity between the product presented and the product ordered.

9.1 Limitations of liability and all the accessible functionalities through the Website, are made available to the Customers, according to the exclusive modalities described in these Terms, not guaranteeing further functionalities other than those included in the present Terms. In particular, no guarantee is provided concerning the suitability of the Service offered for the particular purposes which the Customer intends to pursue.
The use of and of the functionalities accessible through its Website is carried out by the Customers at their own risk and under their own responsibility.
In particular, the Owner, within the limits of the applicable law, shall be liable for damages of a contractual and extra-contractual nature towards Customers exclusively because of willful misconduct or gross negligence when they are an immediate and direct consequence of the activity of
Therefore, the Owner shall not be liable for:

  • any loss that is not a direct consequence of the Holder's breach of the contract
  • any loss of business opportunity and any other loss, including consequential loss, which may be suffered by the Customer (such as, by way of example but not limited to, commercial losses, loss of revenue, income, profits or anticipated savings, loss of contracts or business relationships, loss of reputation or goodwill value etc.)
  • damage or loss resulting from interruptions or malfunctions of Tartufo. com due to events of force majeure or, in any case, to unforeseen and unforeseeable events beyond the Owner's control, such as, by way of example but not limited to, breakdowns or interruptions to telephone or electricity lines, the Internet network and/or other transmission tools, unavailability of Websites, strikes, natural events, viruses and computer attacks, interruptions to the supply of products, services or third-party applications; and
  • incorrect or unsuitable use of by Customers or third parties.

9.2 Indemnification

The Customer agrees to indemnify the Owner (as well as any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, its representatives, directors, agents, licensors, partners and employees) against any obligation or liability, including legal costs incurred in defending itself in court, which may arise from damage caused in connection with the content uploaded online, violation of the law or these Terms and Conditions.

10. Contents Available on

The contents available on are protected by copyright law and by other laws and international treaties for the protection of intellectual property rights and, unless otherwise specified, their use is permitted to Customers only within the limits specified in this clause.
The Holder concedes to the Customer, for the entire duration of the Agreement, a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive licence, exclusively for personal and never commercial purposes and limited to the device in use by the Customer, to use these contents.
Therefore, the Customer is explicitly not allowed to copy and/or download and/or share (except within the limits set out below), modify, publish, transmit, sell, sub-licence, process, transfer or assign to third parties or create derivative works in any way from the contents, including those of third parties, available on, nor allow third parties to do so through the Customer or his/her device, even without his/her knowledge.
Where explicitly specified on, the Customer, for purely personal use, may be authorised to download and/or copy and/or share certain content made available on, provided that he/she faithfully reproduces all copyright and other indications provided by the Owner.

10.1 Content Provided by Third Partie

The Owner does not carry out any prior moderation on content or links provided by third parties displayed on The Owner is not responsible for such content and its accessibility.

10.2 Content Provided by the Customer

The Customers are responsible for their own content and that of third parties that are made available by them on, through their uploading, sharing, insertion, or by any other means. The Customers indemnify the Owner from any liability in relation to the unauthorised use of third party trademarks/logos or, in general, use in a manner contrary to the law.
The Owner does not carry out any type of moderation of the content published by the Customer or third parties, but is committed to acting in response to reports from Customers or orders issued by public authorities in relation to content considered offensive or unlawful.
In particular, the Holder may suspend or interrupt the display of content in the event that:

  • the Holder receives complaints from other Clients about the reviews and/or other content posted;
  • the Holder receives a report of an infringement of intellectual property rights
  • the Holder receives a report of an unauthorised use of third-party names/trademarks/logos;
  • the Holder believes it is necessary to do so in anticipation of, or as a result of, legal action;
  • such action is required by public authority; or
  • the Holder believes that such content (e.g., a review), by remaining accessible through, could endanger users, third parties, the availability of the service and/or the Owner of the service.

10.3 Rights of Contents Provided by Clients

The only rights granted to the Owner in relation to the content provided by the Customers are those necessary for the operation and maintenance of Unless otherwise stated, by submitting, publishing or displaying contents on or via, the Customer grants to the Owner and other Customers an unrestricted, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable licence to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute such contents in any media or distribution method currently available or later developed.

11. Prohibited Use

The service shall be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
Customers may not:

  • reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on or any portion of it;
  • bypass the computer systems used by or its licensors to protect the content accessible through it;
  • copy, store, modify, change, prepare derivative works or alter in any way any of the content provided by;
  • use any robot, spider, search and/or site-finding application, or any other automated device, process or means to access, retrieve, scrape or index any portion of or its content;
  • rent, license or sublicense;
  • defaming, insulting, harassing, threatening or otherwise violating the rights of others;
  • distribute or publish illegal, obscene, illegitimate, defamatory or inappropriate reviews and/or content;
  • unlawfully appropriating the Account in use by another Customer;
  • register with or use the service for the purpose of approaching Customers to promote, sell or advertise in any way products or services of any kind through;
  • use in any other improper manner that violates the Terms.

12. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The main language of this Agreement is Italian. All the clauses of these General Conditions of Sale, all transactions and purchase operations carried out through the Website, are governed by Italian law. Any dispute that cannot be settled amicably shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the registered office of the Company Gmbh.
The exclusive jurisdiction of the Consumer is an exception.
In the case of cases not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the rules of the sale at a distance of the place where the Owner is based, shall apply.

12.1 Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Consumer domiciled in Europe should be aware that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by the European Consumer to settle out of court any disputes relating to and/or arising from contracts for the sale of goods and services concluded online.
Accordingly, if you are a European Consumer, you may use this platform to resolve any dispute arising from the online contract concluded with the Holder.
The platform is available at the following link: htps://

13. Miscellaneous

13.1 Safeguarding Clause

The invalidity of a contractual clause does not entail the invalidity of the General Terms and Conditions as a whole.

13.2 Age Requirements

Customers declare that they are of legal age according to the legislation applicable to them. Under no circumstances may minors under the age of 18 (eighteen) years of age may use

13.3 Personal Data Privacy and Protection

For information on the use of personal data, Customers should refer to the privacy policy of available at the following link: , which is considered an integral part of these Conditions.
The non-compliance and/or breach, on behalf of the controller, of the obligations, rights and freedoms provided for in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003, entails the application of the relevant sanctions and necessary measures.

13.4 Intellectual Property

The contract concluded between the Customer and does not entail any transfer of intellectual or industrial property rights. The total or partial reproduction or representation of the distinctive signs appearing on the Website of is strictly prohibited and must be subject to prior written authorisation. The elements reproduced on the Website are the exclusive property of the Owner and are protected by copyright and by the applicable legislation on trademarks and patents. Any reproduction and distribution of these elements, without the prior written authorisation of the Owner, exposes offenders to legal action.
All trademarks and all other marks, trade names, service marks, word marks, trade names, illustrations, images, logos relating to third parties and the content published by such third parties on are and shall remain the exclusive property of, or available to, such third parties and their licensors, and are protected by applicable trademark laws and treaties. does not own any such intellectual property rights and may use them only within the limits of and in accordance with the agreements entered with such third parties and for the purposes set out in such agreements.

13.5 Interruption of the Service

In order to guarantee Customers the best possible use of the service, the Holder reserves the right to interrupt the service for maintenance or system updates, informing Customers by means of constant updates on the Website.

13.6 Resale of the Service

Customers are not authorised to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any part of and its Services without the prior written authorisation of the Owner, granted directly or through a specific resale programme. The Owner may tolerate forms of resale made on a personal (one-to-one) and limited basis. Any form of mass resale is expressly excluded.

13.7 Services Provided by Third Parties

Customers may use services or content included in provided by third parties, but they must first have read and accepted the terms and conditions of such third parties. Under no circumstances may the Owner be held liable in relation to the correct functioning or availability, or both, of services provided by third parties.

13.8 Communications and Complaints

All communications relating to must be sent using the contact information indicated in this Contract.
The Customer may send his/her complaints to the e-mail address of, i.e., [email protected], including a brief description and, where the case may be, the details of the order, purchase or Account in question. will process the request without undue delay and within 20 (twenty) days of receipt.

13.9 Withdrawal Form

Standard withdrawal form (complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the Contract):
"Tartufo. com Gmbh, Leonhardsgraben 11, 4051 Basel, Switzerland, Tel: , [email protected] - I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/We (*) hereby withdraw from my/our (*) Contract relating to the sale of the following goods (*)/for the provision of the following service (*), - Ordered on (*)/received on (*), - Name of the Consumer(s), - Address of the Consumer(s), - Signature of the Consumer(s) (only if this form is served on paper), - Date."