Fine Black Truffle

Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini
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Appearance: The fine black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini, also known as the truffle of Norcia, of Spoleto or the truffle of Perigord, is quite homogeneous. The surface is black-brown with rusty-red hues, the gleba is clear with light and thin veins.
Aroma: The scent is pleasantly intense, aromatic and fruity. 
Weight and size: Their average weight is between 10 - 200 g and they measure between 5 -10 cm.

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Details about the fine black truffle

The outer part, the peridium, is particularly homogeneous and has black-brown, almost rust-red tones. The gleba is clear. The smell is intense, aromatic and fruity. The weight ranges from 10-200 g. It can also reach the size of an apple.

The fine black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini, also known as the Norcia Truffle, is one of the most valuable and delicious species of truffle. Its history is more international than that of the white truffle: during the Renaissance it was picked in both Italy and France, but it was in the Gallic country that, at least in the past, it met with the most success, spreading to the tables of the French nobility of the time.
The black truffle has exceptional culinary qualities that derive from its organoleptic characteristics: its aroma and flavors do not spoil with heat, making it suitable for cooking as well. It is perfect paired with Mediterranean flavors such as those of olive oil and is widely used in risottos, hot appetizers, meat and egg-based main courses. It is also excellent when raw.



the fine black truffle has a rounded, fairly regular shape characterized by a wrinkled peridium with small warts, similar to many cracks. The gleba is dark, with brown and purplish tones and very dense whitish veins. Size is very variable, ranging from a few centimeters to the diameter of an apple or a large potato.


the scent is delicate and pleasant, balanced and never too intense.


the fine black truffle also deserves special mention for its flavor, which is one of its leading characteristics. In fact, Melanosporum has a sweet aroma that is extremely pleasant and has always been appreciated in cooking. Because of this special feature, the black truffle has earned the title of sweet truffle.

Harvesting period:

Black truffles ripen during late autumn and early winter, and can therefore be successfully harvested between mid-November and mid-March. There are varieties that ripen at other times as well, but these are not the same species as the prized black truffle: they are the winter truffle and the summer truffle, which we will explore in more detail on the dedicated pages.

Where to find it:

The prized black truffle hides in permeable soils of calcareous type, poor in organic humus, with the presence of sparse groves of plants and absence of undergrowth. In fact, good soil exposure to sunlight is necessary for Melanosporum to mature.
The origins of the black truffle are divided between France and Italy. In the Belpaese, the black truffle of Norcia, which is unique in the world for its characteristics, and that of Spoleto are famous, but specimens can also be found in Piedmont, Marche and Molise. In France, the black truffle can be found in the Périgord region, where it takes the name Truffe du Périgord. Melanosporum is also widespread in Spain, and recently, specimens of excellent quality have been found in forests in Oregon, USA.
The symbiont plants

These are the plants at which the prized black truffle finds shelter:

    Some oak specimens such as turkey oak, downy oak and holm oak
    The hazel
    The linden tree
    The rockrose
    The black hornbeam

Average weight: 8-200 g
Size: 5-10 cm
When to find it: Between mid-November and mid-March
Where to find it: Norcia, Spoleto, Piedmont, Marche, Molise, France, Spain and Oregon (USA)
Symbiotic plants: Turkey oak, downy oak, holm oak, hazel, linden, rockrose and hornbeam


Fine black truffle price

The prized black also called Perigord or Norcia black is after the white truffle the most prized truffle species.

Use and Storage

Fresh truffles should be cleaned at the time of preparation, using a soft-bristled brush and a damp cloth to remove any encrustations. Contact with water should be avoided if possible, as this risks inhibiting some of its very valuable aromas. The white Alba truffle cannot tolerate high temperatures, so to make the best use of it, it should be cut into thin slices with a special truffle slicer (or alternatively a potato peeler) directly raw on the plate. Any type of storage will cause the truffle to lose some of its flavour. Nevertheless should there be any leftover truffle, the best storage technique involves sealing the truffle inside a sterile jar covered with a few layers of paper towels, which should then be stored in the refrigerator. The jar should be checked daily and the paper towel replaced if it is found to be damp. White truffles stored in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3-4 days depending on their initial state of ripeness.

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The delivery time to the Customer, however, varies depending on the destination. Usually, delivery takes place within 24-72 hours from dispatch, although the timing may vary depending on the shipping address entered.
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