White Alba Truffle

Tuber Magnatum Pico
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Appearance: The fine white truffle or Alba Truffle has a globular and irregular shape. The colour can vary from pale yellow to dark ochre depending on the degree of maturity.
Aroma: The aroma of fresh white truffles is intense with the characteristic sulphurous component, naturally balanced.
Weight and size: Although the precious white truffle can reach considerable sizes, most specimens have a diameter of 2 to 10 cm and a weight between 10 and 200 g.

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Details about the white truffle

The white truffle has a globular, irregular surface with a color that can vary from pale yellow to dark ochre, depending on the degree of ripeness. The inner flesh varies in color between milky white and hazelnut, sometimes with pinkish hues, and crisscrossed with dense marbled veins. The aroma of the fresh white truffle is intense, but with that typical sulfur component naturally balanced, in harmony with hints of damp forest, a pleasant garlicky presence and an aftertaste reminiscent of that of grana cheese that, on the palate, adds a delicately spicy note, sweetened by hints of honey. Although the white truffle can reach considerable sizes, most specimens range in diameter from 2 to 10 cm and weight from 10 to 200 g.

The white truffle, or Tuber Magnatum Pico, is universally considered the most prized type of truffle, it is appreciated all over the world for its intense and enveloping scent and its inestimable culinary qualities. This truly belongs to the excellence of Made in Italy, the white truffle has accompanied the Italian history since the Renaissance, where it first spread in the high-class Italian courts. In the past, its delicacy and rarity even made it a diplomatic tool, a gift of inestimable value that the Savoy family used to send to European sovereigns: especially the Count of Cavour used this approach to weave new political connections with other European leaders. 


The fruiting body of the white truffles have a lot of irregularities, a fully globular truffle is a rarity, they have small and large swellings all over their surface. The peridio has a velvety feel with a typical yellow-ochre color which is where this truffle has its name from. The gleba is white with numerous marbled veins, when they mature the gelba’s color becomes greyish with reddish spots. Normal dimensions for these truffles are between two and nine centimeters.


the scent is the most distinctive feature of the white truffle. The smell of this mushroom is intense, with tones that vaguely recall the scent of grana cheese or fermented cheese.

When to find it:

The white truffles ripen between September and December, this is also the most suitable time for harvesting them. The trifolau, the people who collect truffles, mainly operate at night. This for two apparent reason, the first one is very obvious as they want to keep the areas they search in a secret, the second reason is because the trained dogs have much less distractions around them during night.

Medium weight: 8-200 gr

Dimensions: 2-10 cm

Where to find it: Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Umbria, Tuscany, Molise, Lazio, Campania

Symbiotic plants: Oaks, poplars, willow, linden, hazelnut, black hornbeam

Italian white truffle of guaranteed origin

White truffles are harvested in Italy, in different regions such as Piedmont, Molise, Tuscany, Latium, Emilia Romagna and Marche (wherever the necessary conditions for development exist) and it is always the highly prized Tuber Magnatum Pico. The truffle hunters with whom we collaborate seek out and harvest the best truffle according to what is available at the time, respecting regional ripening and harvest times. All the fine white truffles we provide are genetically identical, of the highest quality available, and processed by experienced hands. The prized white truffle is very rare-it grows in only a few areas in the world; it finds its greatest distribution right here in Italy, where it can be considered a national asset and must be celebrated as such. However, if you are looking for truffles from a specific region, do not hesitate to contact us.

Use and Storage

Fresh truffles should be cleaned at the time of preparation, using a soft-bristled brush and a damp cloth to remove any encrustations. Contact with water should be avoided if possible, as this risks inhibiting some of its very valuable aromas. The white Alba truffle cannot tolerate high temperatures, so to make the best use of it, it should be cut into thin slices with a special truffle slicer (or alternatively a potato peeler) directly raw on the plate. Any type of storage will cause the truffle to lose some of its flavour. Nevertheless should there be any leftover truffle, the best storage technique involves sealing the truffle inside a sterile jar covered with a few layers of paper towels, which should then be stored in the refrigerator. The jar should be checked daily and the paper towel replaced if it is found to be damp. White truffles stored in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3-4 days depending on their initial state of ripeness.

Shipping and delivery of fresh truffles

Fresh goods and products are offered within the time frame of each sale and while stocks last; this is to ensure that always a freshly harvested product is shipped. To guarantee maximum freshness of the product, truffles will only be shipped from Monday to Wednesday, in agreement with the truffle hunter.
The truffles are shipped directly by truffle hunters affiliated with Tartufo.com and are harvested in accordance with the national laws and the regulations of the individual regions, protecting the delicate nature of the tuber.
The delivery time to the Customer, however, varies depending on the destination. Usually, delivery takes place within 24-72 hours from dispatch, although the timing may vary depending on the shipping address entered.
Shipment is entrusted to professional couriers who are able to provide a fast shipping service and guarantee the integrity of easily perishable food products.
The truffle hunter will receive all the necessary packaging from Tartufo.com in order to guarantee the freshness of the product.

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