Black Summer Truffle

Tuber aestivum Vittadini
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Appearance: The black summer truffle, Scorzone or Tuber Aestivum Vittadini has a very distinctive and hard peridium (outer shell). The gleba (the fleshy inner part) is bright white with innumerable whitish veins.
Aroma: The black summer truffle has a delicate, aromatic scent with hints of porcini mushrooms and hazelnuts.
Weight and size: The average weight is between 5 - 200 g and the size is between 5 -15 cm.

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Details about the black summer truffle

The black summer truffle, also called scorzone, has a very distinct and hard peridium (outer shell). The gleba (the fleshy inner part) is bright white with countless whitish veins. It has a delicate, aromatic fragrance with hints of porcini and hazelnuts. The average weight is between 5-200 g, as well as the size, which ranges from 5-15 cm.

Black summer truffle price

The black summer truffle is, of all tubers, the most widely distributed. It follows that its price is the most affordable.

Use and Storage

Fresh truffles should be cleaned at the time of preparation, using a soft-bristled brush and a damp cloth to remove any encrustations. Contact with water should be avoided if possible, as this risks inhibiting some of its very valuable aromas. The white Alba truffle cannot tolerate high temperatures, so to make the best use of it, it should be cut into thin slices with a special truffle slicer (or alternatively a potato peeler) directly raw on the plate. Any type of storage will cause the truffle to lose some of its flavour. Nevertheless should there be any leftover truffle, the best storage technique involves sealing the truffle inside a sterile jar covered with a few layers of paper towels, which should then be stored in the refrigerator. The jar should be checked daily and the paper towel replaced if it is found to be damp. White truffles stored in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3-4 days depending on their initial state of ripeness.

Shipping and delivery of fresh truffles

Fresh goods and products are offered within the time frame of each sale and while stocks last; this is to ensure that always a freshly harvested product is shipped. To guarantee maximum freshness of the product, truffles will only be shipped from Monday to Wednesday, in agreement with the truffle hunter.
The truffles are shipped directly by truffle hunters affiliated with and are harvested in accordance with the national laws and the regulations of the individual regions, protecting the delicate nature of the tuber.
The delivery time to the Customer, however, varies depending on the destination. Usually, delivery takes place within 24-72 hours from dispatch, although the timing may vary depending on the shipping address entered.
Shipment is entrusted to professional couriers who are able to provide a fast shipping service and guarantee the integrity of easily perishable food products.
The truffle hunter will receive all the necessary packaging from in order to guarantee the freshness of the product.

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