Our truffle hunters and us - a close partnership


Together we trek at dusk through the fresh cool air of the forest. Silence surrounds us, only the panting of the dogs and scattered birdsong accompany us on our way....

There are few things that give us more pleasure than offering our customers high-quality truffles. For this we take our time - to meet each hunter personally. They are no strangers to us, but friends. We have accompanied each and every one of them on a truffle hunt and rejoiced with them over every find - each time we celebrated another small triumph!

This personal relationship with our truffle hunters fills us with confidence about the success of our company and gives the truffle hunters motivation to continue searching for the best truffles for you. We know where they look and how they unearth the tastiest truffles. For truffle hunters, this task is not just a job, it is a calling. In which they are very good at. Furthermore we support the entire process from processing to delivery to your home. It is this close relationship with our truffle hunters that allows us to always offer you fresh truffles of outstanding quality.

We are proud of our truffle hunters and what they accomplish. We have full confidence in the quality of their products and we are happy to share a special bond with them. It fills us with joy that with our online marketplace we offer them the possibility to sell their valuable and tasty finds directly to end customers, without any middlemen.

Imagine how the city of Alba makes its streets and squares available every year for the famous annual truffle market - in the same way we want to make our online marketplace available to truffle hunters all year round!

We act only as a platform and remain true to our mission to support the truffle merchants. That's why we only charge 8.5% of their sale.

It is great to see that there are people who can turn their passion into a profession and we are more than happy to support them. What a great feeling it is when they come home at the end of the day with a basket full of truffles and can offer you the noble mushrooms directly online – for a unique culinary experiences in your home!