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If you are a lover of good food and traditional flavors, you definitely have asked yourself what the best ways and places to buy truffles actually are. Our beloved hypogeum mushroom tends to be very desired, each species has its own specific harvesting period and prices can reach quite high figures. In order to avoid buying a low quality specimen or paying an exaggerated price premium, it is a good idea to find out which the best places to buy truffles are and how you can best recognize them.

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Buying Truffles Directly at the Places of Collection

In the truffle-gathering areas, especially in the most renowned truffle villages (such as Alba, Acqualagna, Norcia or San Miniato) you can find truffles in many dedicated shops, where you can buy fresh truffles and many other truffle products almost all year round. Moreover, during the harvesting periods, you can find truffle stalls in some squares, where - if you know the quality of the truffle - you can buy excellent specimens at affordable prices ( always related to the average consumer prices of the current period ). As for fresh truffles, of course, the closer you are to the collection areas, the easier it is to find good quality and well-preserved specimens.


Buying Truffles in the Shops

Scattered throughout all the regions with a truffle vocation, a big array of shops selling typical products exist. In these shops you can buy both fresh seasonal truffles and many other truffle products in almost all periods of the year. Maybe in these shops the prices are slightly higher, but considering the high costs of truffles, the overprice is usually negligible. Moreover, in these shops you can buy many other typical products to match your truffle and you can enhance the flavors of your meals by following the advice of local traditions.

Buying Truffles at Fairs and Events

The local festivals, events and other events dedicated to this underground mushroom are excellent places to buy truffles. The International White Truffle Fair of Alba, for example, is the most famous and well-known fair in the world, but there are other events scattered throughout the country for all periods of harvesting.

In these events all the producers, traders and trifolau intend to advertise and sell their truffles. Even if you are not an expert, here you can buy truffles with greater security, and you can also participate in any informative courses or taste the product directly.

Vendita tartufo al mercato

Buying Truffles in Trifolau Squares

As suggested above, you can buy excellent specimens of fresh truffles in the squares of the villages where truffles are a real institution, harvesting season permitting. This is certainly the most suggestive method to buy truffles, but it is also the most risky one, if you don't have enough experience in recognizing truffles. In the Piedmont territories of Langhe and Roero for example, one can come across many trifolau auctions. Here the truffle collectors sell the fruits of their work and people try to grab the best offers often creating a great confusion. The trifolau’s squares are among the best places to buy truffles, but they are also the riskiest for the less experienced buyers.

Where To Buy the White Truffle of Alba

Autumn opens the season of the white truffle of Alba, which until the end of the year is able to give dishes a unique atmosphere with its intense aromas and flavors. The Tuber Magnatum Pico, also known as the white truffle of Alba because it is present in large quantities especially in the area around Alba. Is recognized as the truffle par excellence thanks to its special organoleptic qualities, it is very valuable and is also quite rare. Considering the average price of this species, the best way to buy a specimen is certainly in the territories where it is harvested.

Would you like to try the experience of the precious tuber magnatum pico? Here are some places where you can buy the precious white truffle:

  • At the International Alba White Truffle Fair,
  • In the shops of typical products scattered throughout the territory of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato,
  • In the trifolau squares of the collection territories,
  • Online from the best certified sites.

The White Truffle of Alba is collected in the beautiful Piedmontese territories of Langhe, Roero, Monferrato and in some specific areas of Turin. If you have the chance to visit these places, you can easily find out where to buy the White Truffle of Alba by doing some quick searches. But be very careful; the prized white truffle is much more expensive and sought after than the other truffle species and the risk of buying a cheap truffle, or one with exaggerated prices, is really very high. If you can't get advice from a truffle expert, make sure the truffle is hard and compact to the touch and has no obvious lacerations.