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Thanks to our fondness for traditional flavours, we have always been curious about how and where best to find a great variety of different truffles. The appetite for the culinary delights that can be prepared with truffles is huge and the noble fungi are therefore in high demand on the market. Moreover, each species has its own harvest season and prices can rise to quite high levels. To bring a new and exciting way of trading to the truffle world, we have created our online marketplace.  We bring the Alba truffle market to the world - with our global marketplace for buying and selling truffles online.

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Our Mission: Why we offer fresh Truffles directly from the Truffle Hunter

The idea for an online truffle marketplace was born from our passion for high quality truffles and the frustration we felt about the difficulty of sourcing truly fresh specimens in and outside Italy. We are a team of truffle hunters and experts who are passionate about providing access to fresh, high-quality truffles worldwide for everyone. On our marketplace, you can buy directly from the truffle hunter and be certain that you are always getting the best possible quality. We believe that there is nothing better than finding a good truffle in its natural environment and being able to enjoy it as immediately as possible. That's why our shop offers truly fresh truffles - so you can enjoy every bite. Our mission is to offer you the best truffle experience imaginable - for those moments in life when culinary delights are key!

The heart and soul of Tartufo.com is our community: the truffle hunters who use our marketplace to sell their high-quality truffles and products, and you, the customer, in search of fresh specimens, straight from the source. We highly value quality and therefore work exclusively with reputable and experienced truffle hunters. This is how we guarantee the highest satisfaction and the best taste. And because "gusto" is close to our hearts, we also offer you a large selection of different varieties: from the noble Bianchetto to the exotic Perigord truffle, everything is there!


It doesn't get any fresher: Our Truffles

Truffles are a precious edible good that thrives mainly in the autumn and winter season. They should be used as soon as possible after harvesting. Therefore, it is important to buy them fresh, and to know how long you can keep truffles fresh, and whether you can freeze them. Truffles can only be stored in their fresh state for a few days, so it is best to keep them in the refrigerator in an airtight jar or container. This way, the aromatic substances of the truffle are preserved and the truffle does not deteriorate so quickly.

To preserve truffles for a longer period of time, they can also be frozen to make them last for several weeks or months. However, the truffle loses some of its flavour and aroma when frozen. The best method is therefore to freeze the grated or chopped truffle in portions and only defrost it shortly before using. Allow yourself to be inspired by the refined recipe ideas of our top chefs!


Buy Truffles online: This is how the truffle Market Place works

Whether white Alba truffles, the exclusive Perigord truffle or other varieties - on the Truffle Marketplace you can finally order your favourite truffle online, conveniently and directly to your home. It doesn't matter whether you are a truffle enthusiast or a novice - on the Truffle Marketplace, everyone will find the right variety for them.

But how does the truffle marketplace actually work? It's very simple: Our truffle hunters post their latest finds on our marketplace every day. You choose the truffle you would like to have on the site and add it to your shopping cart. As soon as you have added all the products you want to order, you go to the checkout and pay by credit card or Paypal. Your order will then be forwarded directly to the corresponding truffle hunter. The truffle hunter will immediately send the desired truffles, carefully packed with high quality materials, to your specified delivery address.

We highly value quality and freshness and therefore work exclusively with reputable and experienced truffle hunters. This way we can guarantee that all our truffles come directly from the truffle hunter and arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition within a couple of days. In order to do this, we have established a network with various truffle hunters throughout Italy and can therefore offer you the unique opportunity to buy directly from the source!


Our Truffle Hunters

The search for the truffle is certainly one of the most fascinating aspects of the tuber. It is an ancient tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Many myths and stories are entwined around the search for the "black gold", and the truffle hunter is a figure that has been surrounded by mystery since its origin. The "tartufai" work daily with heart and passion for these gems of gastronomy.

To become a truffle hunter, you first have to complete the right training. In Italy, for example, there is the "Accademia Italiana Tartufai", which offers official certification for truffle hunters. In addition, it is important to be familiar with the tools and techniques needed to search for the precious mushrooms. Training dogs that can help in the search is also an essential part of the apprenticeship.

The best truffle hunters know their forests, where they search for the precious truffles, right down to the smallest detail and find the treasured tuber even in the dark. They know where the soil is particularly good, which plants offer the best shelter for the truffles, and which secret places are best for the search. The most traditional truffle hunters often wander around at night to hunt for the delicious treasures with their dogs. Only close relatives are allowed to know their secrets, and so the wisdom of the truffle hunters represents a true small heritage of the land.

So, if you are looking for delicious, fresh truffles, you should turn directly to the truffle hunters - and this is exactly what we actually offer with our marketplace. Because here you can get the best and latest truffles directly from the collector.

We have met each of our truffle hunters personally - find out more about our truffle hunters!

More than a Global Marketplace

Tartufo.com is not only an online marketplace dedicated to truffles and truffle products, but also a platform where you can discover everything about the fascinating world of truffles, the different species of truffles, their cultivation and special recipes.

In addition to fresh truffles, you will also find  pasta, risottos, oils and other fine specialities from the truffle world - whatever your heart desires. Special tools for the preparation make your dishes even more delicious and enjoyable! Browse through our range and be inspired by the refined recipe ideas of our top chefs.

We are proud to inspire your passion for these culinary delicacies and to be able to offer you the exquisite and special truffles worldwide!

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