Have you ever wondered how a truffle comes about?
A truffle is nothing else then a mushroom, but a very special mushroom, it grows underground, meaning it is hypogeal.
Without going into too much scientific detail we will try to explain to you the biological cycle of truffles.
The body of truffles contains ascospores within it. In the process of maturation of the truffle itself, these spores, which are not visible to the eye but only under the microscope, begin to grow larger and larger.
At this point, the truffle that has become very mature rots and the spores are left loose underground.
With a little luck and favorable weather conditions, a new truffle will be born from some of these spores.
But back to the spores, because once released, these will germinate and this process will lead to symbiosis with the roots of a tree, from which it will take the right nourishment to become the truffle we all know and love.
Nature then always surprises us, because it puts in place some truly incredible techniques and tricks.
I am referring to why truffles have this intense and penetrating smell.
Nothing is ever by accident, and also, here there is a reason.
Since the truffle grows and dies underground, how could it ever have spread its spores to soils far from it?
In fact, the strong smell attracts small mice and rodents in general, who scout it out and feed on it.
This will cause the spores to spread around spreading to other soils.
We hope that we at tartufo.com have been able to give you some more information about the amazing life of this fungus.

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