Do you know how to recognize a good truffle?


I still remember when an elderly truffle hunter used to tell me that only when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and cover the meadows and underbrush, that is the time when the white truffle will begin to come out.

Actually, if you take a walk in the woods, as well as in large city parks, you will see this colorful carpet of leaves and you will begin to sense autumn.

If you also consider that the nights are gradually getting longer and colder, then that's it.

So, what does it take to tell if a truffle is a good truffle?


Sight, touch and smell.


To the eye, the precious mushroom must have a rounded appearance sometimes more or less irregular depending on the soil and the region where it grows but never with too pronounced outgrowths. It must not have been eaten by worms or slugs and must have neither mold nor rot.

It must be firm to the touch, because if it becomes prone to mushy or rubbery, it means it is already old. And if when you take it in your hand, you feel that it has a specific gravity that is not in line with its volume, that is, too light, it means that again it has dehydrated a lot by losing water. Although for this assessment you need to have some experience, and for this we at are at your disposal.


Finally, the sense of smell.


The first thing that must strike you is the pleasantness of its aroma.

A good white truffle never presents a jarring note in terms of smell.

If you detect even the slightest whiff of mold, then forget about it.

Its intense and strong smell is reminiscent of that of parmesan cheese with a vague hint of garlic and tree bark with which it has formed a symbiotic bond.

But fear not dear friends, if at first you will not be able to put all these notions together, we at are here to do that for you!


Until next time!

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