Everything about truffle

Discovering one of the most precious ingredients of the culinary art.

What is Truffle?

Tartufo (truffle) is not a simple mushroom, but it is the symbol of high quality cuisine.
Tartufo is the hidden narrator of a long history of traditions and flavors, which tells us in a fascinating way a long gastronomic journey; from the mystery of research to the passion for the flavors of the earth.
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Types of truffles

The truffle family is a large one; there are numerous species of truffles and they have very different organoleptic characteristics. What are the most delicious edible Truffle species?

Where to find truffle

Underground mushrooms are more or less widespread all over the world, but did you know that most of the edible truffles are found in Italy?
Here tartufo finds fertile ground, and it is in this country that its name originates.
What are the regions where the finest specimens are found? And to which areas do the various truffle species correspond?
Where to find tartufo

How to find the truffle

It is precisely in the search for truffles that one of its most fascinating characteristics lies.
The king of the kitchen owes part of its value to the difficulties of harvesting, in addition to the inimitable taste.
Each type of tartufo can be found in specific areas, in symbiosis with different plants; knowing how to recognize earth's signals is one of the most important skills of a good quarryman, in addition to the company of a trusted hound.
How to find tartufo